dr n. med. Wiesław Wiznerowicz
Specialist with over 37 years experience

Our Dental Clinic is run by dr. Wieslaw Wiznerowicz, specialist with over 33 years experience who provides professional dental treatment using latest procedures in cosmetic dentistry. Dr Wieslaw Wiznerowicz has been chosen the best dentist in town in 2006 by the local press magazine.

Based in Poznan and close to the city center, Dr. Wieslaw Wiznerowicz Dental Clinic offers world-class dental services in friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Our clinic use the state- of- the- art equipment and the top dental American materials. Dr. Wieslaw Wiznerowicz enthusiasm and passion for dentistry guarantee determination to provide the highest standards of results, quality and durability.

Dr. Wieslaw Wiznerowicz Dental Clinic provides a wide range of dental services with a special interest in cosmetic dentistry (latest technology fillings), including porcelain crowns, bridges, implants and all types of dentures, particularly metal attachment anchor dentures.

Treatment plans are tailored to each client to ensure their individual needs are met. We follow strict cleanliness and sterilization procedures for your protection and thanks to our experience and dedication we believe provide you with the most advanced dental care  today. In 2007 two health tourism agencies based in London and Istanbul asked dr Wiznerowicz for cooperation.

Since 2009 Dr Wiznerowicz has been successfully offering LAVA all ceramic crowns based on newest digital technology (USA). Once the tooth is polished and scanned, the ceramic framework made of zirconia is fabricated using precise computer aided manufacturing technique. Dental crowns made complete of ceramic result in the most natural final appearance: great translucency makes them look just like normal teeth. Full ceramic crowns are safest for patients who might have an allergy to metal, also show high flexural strength and stain-resistance.

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LAVA digital crowns & bridges ONLY.

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