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The esthetics and bio-compatibility of 3M ESPE’s Lava restorations represent the optimum in all-ceramic systems. Lava restorations provide excellent esthetics with outstanding marginal fit and superior strength with a high fracture resistance. The Lava All-Ceramic System provides one of the most durable and esthetic all-ceramic restorations available. The Zirconia substructure does not distort when firing the veneering porcelain, unlike metal substructures. The translucent framework is available in 8 shades that provide beautifully natural esthetic results.

For beauty combined with strength, a Lava crown is the most lifelike crown available today.

These beautiful crowns are made from specially formulated, high-strength material that looks just your natural teeth do. Their superb fit is more exact than other crowns, and there’s no dark gray margin, since the crown does not contain any metal. Lava crowns also can be used for implants and bridges.

If your dentist has prescribed a crown or bridge, sculpted Lava is the most advanced material you can select. With a Lava crown, you’ll spend less time in your dentist’s chair, and the procedure will be more comfortable as less tooth structure will need to be removed to fit your crown. You’ll receive a temporary crown to protect your tooth and gums. On your second visit, your new Lava crown will be fitted and permanently bonded.

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